ENGARDE! innovative technology applies a permanent layer of protection between appliances and fingertips, hands, water drips and soil. The hard acrylic polymer protector will create a smooth barrier that reduces or eliminates fingerprints, smudging and soil accumulation, and makes it very easy to clean.  ENGARDE! provides real protection with an exclusive technology using ultra hard micro polymers to keep your appliances looking brand new.

Everyone loves the look of stainless steel, but keeping it looking clean can be a big problem because of finger prints, hand prints, smudges and water stains.  Cleaners remove the smudges but leave the surface looking streaked and dull.  Polishes and homemade remedies provide only a temporary solution, most are oil-based, which tends to attract soil.

With their sleek, contemporary look, stainless steel appliances are among the preferred appliances by consumers. Stainless Steel is known for its ability to be a clean surface that resists corrosion and rust. You hoped for clean, smooth, reflective surfaces, but the fingerprints that stainless steel inevitably accumulates can mar their appearance.

There was no way to completely fingerprint-proof stainless steel appliances - until NOW!

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